Guidelines for Authors

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HCA Graduate Blog: Guidelines for Authors


The blog has a fixed, bi-weekly release date (apart from a summer and winter break).

Contributions should be in English.

When writing your contribution, please keep your audience in mind and avoid an overly scientific, academic writing style. The blog is an open medium that is aimed at researchers, students and all interested parties alike. Contributions should offer an easy-to-read, uncomplicated introduction to topics or present unfinished discussions. The blog is therefore written in a more essayistic or journalistic, yet scientific, writing style – short, distinct and concise yet entertaining so that readers can follow your train of thought.

Formatting and Style

  • Contributions should be 2000 words max. in length.
  • If you prefer, co-authorship is an option.
  • Please submit the text as a Word file (* .doc / .docx or * .rtf). Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing, left justification.
  • When you are quoting in the text, use in-text citations following this format (Author Date: page), e.g.
    • (Darby 2020: 328)
    • (Darby and Moore 2018: 11)
    • (Darby et al. 2021: 77)
  • Quotations are placed in double quotation marks (“quotation”), whereas word distinctions are placed in single quotes (‘discussed term’). Omissions in quotes should be indicated with […].
  • Foreign language terms should be set in italics.
  • If referenced in your text: use italics for book titles, and place titles of articles and essays in double quotation marks; headings of chapters / subchapters should be placed in double quotation marks.
  • If you refer to other online material, you are welcome to include hyperlinks.
  • At the end of your article, include a complete list of references (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Please also include a few keywords to index your article on the blog.


Please use images other visualizing material to accompany the post and as a header, provided that you have the copyright, or a public license applies to the source. Include all relevant information in the caption below the image as well as the link to the image source. Images should be at least 200×200 pixels, JPG or PNG format.

Author Bio

When you submit your article, include a short author bio (up to 100 words) and any links you would like to be posted so readers can get in touch in person (Twitter handle, LinkedIn, website or blog, email address…).

Submission and the editorial process

The editors will discuss deadlines and the process with you individually,

To allow for revision and final editing, please send in your article 10 days before the agreed publication date (Sunday).

Submit your manuscript, author bio and illustrations via email to

The editors will revise your text and be in touch with you about revision suggestions and a deadline for revision.


This blog is published on Hypotheses is part of the OpenEdition portal, which means that your contribution should comply with the quality standards of intellectual property. This also entails that by publishing on this blog you state that your blog post has not been published in the same or altered form on any other medium, but that you are presenting original work. Treat your blog post like you would any other scientific publication. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of OpenEdition for more information:


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